SETI intelligent life
Could this be the first documented evidence of intelligence in the WWE Universe?

A team of scientists at SETI (the Sports Entertainment Test for Intelligence) announced today that, after decades of fruitless searching, they may have detected the first definitive sign of intelligent life in the WWE Universe.

“The signal is very intriguing,” said lead SETI researcher Dr. Ellie Shawstak. “We appear to have detected a tweet about pro wrestling that is spelled perfectly, grammatically impeccable, and makes an insightful point.”

The scientists believe they have traced the tweet to Robert Parsons, a 38-year-old attorney in Toronto who enjoys historical biographies, baroque music and — somewhat inexplicably — professional wrestling.

The tweet detected by SETI’s internet-scanning technology showed that Parsons’ tweet had a level of critical thinking and eloquence typically absent from the WWE Universe. It read: “The blurry line of truth and untruth is erased entirely when the Trumpification of American politics bowdlerizes pro wrestling’s raucous pantomime.”

SETI’s results have been called into question, however, because Parsons also recently tweeted: “Roman Reigns should be Universal Champion.”