Rollins dick pics
Seth Rollins went on a Twitter frenzy today sharing pictures of Dick Slater, Dick Togo, Dick Murdoch and other Dicks.

WWE Superstar Seth Rollins sparked controversy once again today by tweeting a photograph of legendary professional wrestler Dick Murdoch, followed by a series of other Dick pics.

“Check out the size of this Dick,” Rollins wrote in one tweet accompanying a photograph of former ECW star Big Dick Dudley.

It is unclear why Rollins, a brash and arrogant Superstar with championship aspirations, suddenly decided to share a slew of Dick pics, despite already being warned that the practice defies WWE’s social media policy.

But his Twitter frenzy continued with a photo of a 1979 match between Dick the Bruiser and “Dirty” Dick Slater.

According to sources within WWE, a number of company executives grew increasingly concerned about Rollins’ mental wellbeing after he published two-dozen consecutive photos of Dick “The Destroyer” Beyer.

Finally, after tweeting a picture of Dick Togo, Rollins claimed that his Twitter account had been hacked — a common excuse among professional wrestlers, which is never true.

Note: this post has been labelled NSFW because it is “Nice Satire Focused on Wrestling.”