Seth Rollins home.
Seth Rollins stands in front of the ruins of his collapsed home.

Professional wrestler Seth Rollins is currently without a place to live after the cinderblock foundation on which he built his home mysteriously crumbled yesterday.

Although the cinderblocks supporting the three-bedroom Iowa house appeared to be solid, they collapsed under much less pressure than they should typically be able to withstand.

“I don’t get it,” said a visibly distraught Rollins. “The cinderblocks looked solid.”

Rollins had purchased the cinderblocks from a local building supply company — and used a pile of the leftover  blocks to attack former Shield teammates Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose — so he believed they were sturdy.

Architectural engineers who visited the ruins of his house said the pulverized cinderblocks seemed to be made from a brittle chalk-like substance, and should never have been used to build a domicile.

“I could have stomped right through those blocks,” said one inspector. “Hell, I probably could have smashed my head through one without getting hurt.”

Rollins says he intends to rebuild on the site, and hopes to use an indestructible material “like the wood they use in announce tables.”