wwe 2k18
Seth Rollins has been left out of the WWE 2K17 roster, and James Ellsworth accidentally added twice.

In an embarrassing oversight, the soon-to-be-released videogame WWE 2K18 does not include wrestler Seth Rollins, despite his appearance on the game’s cover and all promotional materials. 

Game development company Yuke’s issued a press release today stating that Rollins’ absence from the game is “an unfortunate mistake attributable to fatigued staff and a clerical error,” and that Rollins will be available as downloadable content “sometime before 2019.”

The entire promotional campaign for the game was built around Rollins — often depicting him as a nefarious arsonist burning down the (nonexistent) WWE Hall of Fame — so fans naturally expected Rollins to feature prominently in the game’s story mode. 

Instead, the story mode features several non-Rollins plotlines, including:

  • Colon Cleanse, in which Primo and Epico battle for the approval of their father
  • Shane O’Splat, a minigame in which Shane McMahon dives from increasingly high precipices until he eventually explodes
  • Gimme-A-Gimmick, in which Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas portray an ever-changing cast of characters until they finally quit in frustration

To make matters worse, Rollins was left out of the game but James Ellsworth was added twice. 

For players who were looking forward to playing as Rollins, the Yuke’s press release suggests: “Just squint and pretend Reigns is him.”