kofi eddie kingston
Kofi Kingston (left) and his identical twin Eddie (right).

In some heartwarming news from the world of pro wrestling, a pair of long-separated identical twins, Kofi and Eddie Kingston, were reunited today nearly four decades after they were separated at birth. 

Despite being raised apart with vastly different upbringings — Eddie was raised in Yonkers, NY, and Kofi was raised in Jamaica/Ghana/America(?) — the two young men, remarkably, both chose to become professional wrestlers. 

Although both Kingston twins are now veterans of the squared circle, their paths had never crossed until this week when they spotted one another at an airport — and both thought they were seeing a doppelganger. 

“It was looking in a mirror,” said Kofi. “It was like seeing myself staring back at me.”

The Kingston brothers instantly got along, developing the kind of effortless rapport that is sometimes equated to a “psychic bond” shared only between identical twins. 

Eddie said: “It’s like we have been together all along. We are already finishing one another’s…”

“Sentences,” blurted Kofi. 

The duo are slated to debut on NXT in July, tentatively under the name The Kingston Raiders Experience.

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