Reginald Smythe “never thinks about PPV schedules,” according to his grandson Todd (inset).

Local senior citizen and war veteran Reginald Smythe has “ruined everything,” according to his 21-year-old grandson Todd Smythe, by scheduling his 90th birthday dinner on the same night that Tomasso Chiampa will face Johnny Gargano in a “street fight” at NXT TakeOver.

The younger Smythe pleaded with his parents (in whose basement he intended to watch the sports-entertainment event) to let him skip the dinner, but his pleading fell on deaf ears.

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“Grandpa will live to see another year at least, but I don’t know when Ricochet and Velveteen Dream are going to face each other again,” Todd whined. “And it’s in Chicago, so it’s going to be a hot crowd.”

This isn’t the first time Todd has complained that his grandfather is “the worst.” Last year, Todd was forced to miss the 25th anniversary episode of Raw because Reginald broke his hip after tripping over Todd’s replica Intercontinental Championship belt.


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