Scott steiner finisher
A file photo of Scott Steiner that seems fitting.

Scott Steiner has never been afraid of offending people with his brash personality and bizarre behaviour, but some critics say he has crossed a line with his gropey new finisher, the AlFrankenseiner.

To perform the maneuver (a modified double-underhook suplex) Steiner grasps his opponent’s pectoral muscles, then whispers lewd comments to them before throwing them for a loop.

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Steiner debuted the morally dubious new move at an independent wrestling show in Minnesota — the state whose senator, former comedian Al Franken, recently announced his resignation amid allegations of sexual misconduct.

Steiner denies the move is named after the senator, insisting “there is a 66 and two-thirds chance it’s a coincidence,  a 12 percent chance it’s not, and 48 percent chance it’s none of your [expletive] business.”

When informed that his math adds up to more than 100 percent, an enraged Steiner went on a table-flipping rampage in a Shoney’s restaurant.

A lewd subtext for the maneuver would not be surprising, however, as Steiner has bragged about having slept with thousands of women (though it’s hard to believe so many women would actually have such shoddy judgment).

Adding to the speculation that Steiner is capitalizing on recent controversies, he also recently debuted a standing camel clutch called the Weinsteiner Recliner.