Meteorologists and atmospheric scientists around the globe are struggling to explain the unprecedented phenomenon of Frisbees sailing from the clouds last night, each with a poem about pro wrestling affixed to it.

The poem-adorned flying discs began descending gracefully over Florida last night, and have since been spotted in clusters around the world, much to the delight of wrestling fans who capture them.

One disc that floated over Sarasota read: 

       I’ve got brains and I’ve got brawn,

           And in the ring, I’ll never be outdone.

     I’ll leave my opponents in a daze,

    And make them all bow down in amazement and praise.

Another Frisbee, which landed near Brantford, Canada, read: 

Leaping Lanny Poffo, a legend in his time,

A master of the ring, a wordsmith divine.

With a smile as bright as the sun in the sky,

He left us all in awe, and left us asking why.

Why was he so special, what set him apart, F

rom all the other wrestlers, with all their heart?

It was his poetry, his passion, his drive,

That made him a star, and made him alive.

Many of the Frisbees are also adorned with the words: “Ohhhh yeahhhh.” 

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