US President Donald Trump is facing harsh criticism yet again after it was revealed today that, despite his 2013 induction into the WWE Hall of Fame, he never wears the priceless ring given to him as an inductee.

Induction into the WWE Hall of Fame is undoubtedly the highest honor ever bestowed on Trump — higher even than the presidency — as it forever enshrines him among such wrestling luminaries as Koko B. Ware, Snoop Dogg, and Drew Carey.

Yet Trump has never been seen wearing his Hall of Fame ring, and one anonymous White House insider says the ring is “sitting at the bottom of his underwear drawer” alongside a plastic baggie of Vince McMahon’s hair.

The liberal wrestling media are having a field day this latest Trump scandal. Stu Saks, longtime editor of left-leaning Pro Wrestling Illustrated magazine, called Trump a “disgrace” for not wearing the ring (which led Trump to later reiterate via Twitter his allegation that Pro Wrestling Illustrated is “FAKE NEWS”).

Conservative wrestling media, meanwhile, have come to Trump’s defence, insisting he keeps it framed on the wall of the Oval Office, alongside Barack Obama’s real Kenyan birth certificate.

The truth, however, seems more prosaic: he reportedly doesn’t wear the ring because it always slips off the tiny finger of his little toddler hand.


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