World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) made global headlines today with the announcement that its Crown Jewel event in Saudi Arabia will feature an unprecedented women’s match, and lusty Saudi men are already getting their cameras ready in anticipation of a wardrobe malfunction known as an “ankle slip.”

Known colloquially as an “ankslip,” an ankle slip happens when a women’s ankular region becomes accidentally exposed due to jostling (or “bumping,” in wrestling parlance), despite the ankle being secured with double-sided tape under spandex tights.

women's match saudi
Natalya (right) has made cryptic comments on social media about “turning heel,” which some have interpreted as teasing an ankslip.

The match will see Natalya square off against Lacey Evans — a match that, according to backstage sources, was personally requested by a Saudi prince said to have a particular fondness for blonde women’s ankles.

Though not particularly racy in North America, where norms about sexuality and more lax, pictures of ankslips are highly coveted in places like Saudi Arabia, where rules are much more strict about what women can wear, say, and do.

Whereas WWE executives are heralding the first-ever women’s match in Saudi Arabia as “historic” — just as they have described more than 400 other occasions as “historic” this year alone — conservative Saudi’s worry that exposed ankles will soon lead to a moral decline in which women will someday be allowed to show their elbows and knees.

While many pundits feel the women’s match will be a step toward equality in the theocratic country, more level-headed people understand that any society that bases its progress on professional wrestling is ultimately doomed to become a full-fledged idiocracy like the United States.


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