mizdowWrestling fans worldwide were stunned by today’s bombshell announcement that WWE had released Damian Sandow, leaving fans desperately clinging to the hope that Sandow’s doppelganger, Damian Mizdow, would return to take his place.

The relationship between Sandow and Mizdow remains unclear — many believe they are twins separated at birth, or perhaps half-brothers — but their shared gift for sports-entertaining is unquestionable.

While Sandow spent much of his career intellectually saving the masses, his lookalike became one of the most renowned stunt doubles in Hollywood history (thanks to the Oscars sweep of Santa’s Little Helper).

Sources close to both Sandow and Mizdow have praised their talents, but have also noted the curious fact that the men are rarely, if ever, seen in the same room together.

According to the Wrestling Observer newsletter, which is never wrong, Mizdow may soon be repackaged as Romanz Reignzdow, which should bring some much-needed charisma to WWE’s main-event picture.