Baron corbin
Sacha Baron Corbin got famous playing Borat (inset), but now wants to become a wrestling star with his new, scuzzy character

Comedic film star and rookie professional wrestler Sacha Baron Corbin proclaimed today that he will attain NXT stardom on his own merits, not by resurrecting popular past gimmicks like Borat and Ali G.

Corbin’s NXT character — an arrogant, tattooed numbskull with dubious aspirations of main-roster WWE superstardom — is a far cry from his past alter-egos (though there are, of course, subtle nuances of Brüno in all pro wrestling personas).

Corbin has so far failed to get called up to the main WWE roster after four years in NXT, reportedly because of his steadfast refusal to trot out crowd-pleasing Borat catch-phrases like “Niiice” and “High Faive!”

Although Corbin is keen to promote his new film, The Brothers Grimsby, he says his focus is squarely on his next career goal: getting eliminated early during an NXT battle royal at WWE Axxess.

In related news, fellow NXT rookie Apollo Crews insisted today that he will not resurrect the character that made him famous, Old Spice Guy.