Ryder IC
Zack Ryder celebrates the beginning of his Intercontinental Championship reign, which lasted 23 hours.

Perennial WWE underdog Zack Ryder, who scored an inspiring upset victory at WrestleMania to claim the company’s Intercontinental Championship, lost the title today in a non-televised “dark match” before Monday Night Raw.

Ryder, whose WrestleMania victory was the unexpected culmination of a decade of mid-card jobbery, lost in a three-minute squash match to Ryback.

“Dangit,” proclaimed Ryder, his head hung low after the match.

“I really thought I was going to be on a roll.”

Ryder is scheduled to lose several house show matches this week to JoJo, and then be repackaged as a third member of The Ascension named Zacko.

Asked how he feels about his prospects of reclaiming the Intercontinental Championship, Ryder choked through tears: “Woe woe woe.”