Ryback eating disorder
Professional wrestler Ryback delivered a teary-eyed confession today about the dangerous eating disorder that compels him to constantly demand food.

With tears in his eyes, professional wrestler Ryback publicly admitted today that he is seeking help for an “out of control” eating disorder that compels him to constantly demand more food.

“The first step to recovery is admitting I have a problem,” said an emotional Ryback during a press conference.

“I really don’t need to be fed any more. I’m big enough already, and I need to accept that.”

The stunning confession was the most verbose public statement ever made by the muscle-bound wrestler, who typically only shouts the three-word mantra that exemplifies his eating disorder, “Feed me more.”

Ryback says his obsessive-compulsive urges to be fed more stem from emotional trauma, and can be triggered by stress.

In order to reduce such stresses, Ryback has pleaded with fans to “please fucking stop chanting ‘Goldberg'” during his matches.