Ryback van dam
Ryback (left, freakish) figured being a bald muscular guy in black trunks worked for Goldberg.

Deciding it was time for a new look, professional wrestler Ryback returned his wardrobe of gently soiled, shoddily airbrushed singlets to colleague Rob Van Dam.

Ryback has adopted a pair of tiny, genital-clinging black trunks as his new ring attire, having worn out the elastic stretch of the singlets he borrowed from Van Dam several years ago.

The new look is bold move for Ryback, whose identity is closely tied to the garish and grammatically abhorrent wording on the singlets.

He figured, however, that since fans have been chanting “Goldberg” at him for years, he might as well just become the bald muscular guy in black trunks.

Plus, he said, he was never able to fully wash out the scent of an acrid-but-sweet smoke from the singlets.

Some wrestling journalists believe the new look is a bad idea for Ryback, since science has proven that much of a wrestler’s power comes from lowering singlet straps.