Ryback Goldberg
Who’s next?

Seeking full control over the monicker by which he was best known during his tenure in WWE, sports-entertainer Ryback has legally changed his name to Goldberg.

It has been rumoured for months that Ryback was seeking to change his name, but those rumours incorrectly asserted that he wished to legally become Skip Sheffield.

During an episode of his podcast, Who’s Next, the so-called Big Guy explained his motivation for changing his name to Goldberg.

“WWE fans loved chanting ‘Goldberg’ during my matches,” he said, “and I want to give them the same opportunity on the independent wrestling circuit.”

This is not the first time a wrestler has sought a name change in order to maintain control of a character. Jim Hellwig legally changed his name to Warrior, Steve Williams changed his name to Steve Austin, and Cornelius J. Binkelstein changed his name to Brock Lesnar.