Riddle RussoVincenzo “Vince” Russo, a longtime behind-the-scenes creative genius in professional wrestling, has gone on the attack over what he calls “flagrant bro infringement, bro” committed by NXT star Matt Riddle (real name Matthias Puzzle).

The lawsuit claims that “the moronic ad nauseam repetition of the word bro is a wholly owned trademark inherent to the brand of Vince Russo.” The five-page document continues: “Bro, bro, bro, bro, bro, bro and all intellectual property rights therein bro bro.”

Rumors of the lawsuit have sparked more litigious battles within the wrestling business. Legendary wrestler and Gawker owner Hulk Hogan filed a lawsuit against both Russo and Riddle, claiming that “bro” is a “blatant simple contraction” of Hogan’s trademark term, “brother.”

Zack Ryder considered filing a countersuit regarding plagiarism of “broski,” but changed his mind when he realized he’d never win.

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