papa shango curseFormer New York Mayor and current spokesthing for the outgoing Trump administration, Rudy Giuliani, has been rushed to a local medical facility after being stricken by the dreaded curse of WWE voodoo priest, Craig “Papa” Shango. 

At a bizarre press conference held this morning outside Ritz Carlton Septic Pumpers, a mysterious black slime oozed from Giuliani’s receded hairline before the lawyer began speaking in tongues, babbling nonsense about election fraud. 

It is the same fate that once befell The Ultimate Warrior (real name Jim Earthworm), who endured having the mysterious slime drip from his pouffy hairline onto the white jacket he was wearing for the first and only time for some reason. 

A source close to Giuliani, who asked to be identified only as Donald T., said that Papa Shango’s attacks are related to shady business transaction Giuliani had with a friend of Shango’s, the Godfather. 




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