Rousey knockout
Ronda Rousey “does the job” to help Molly Holm get over in the leadup to Fightamania.

In a surprise finish that none of the UFC dirtsheets predicted, popular UFC Diva Ronda Rousey “did the job” for Holly Holm last night, launching a revenge storyline that is expected to culminate in a lumberjills match at Fightamania this spring.

UFC’s Creative Team is believed to have developed the storyline earlier this week, and managed to prevent the plans from leaking online.

Some pundits believe UFC Chairman Dana Kennedy White finally started listening to fans’ resounding chants of “Push Holly” at live events.

Rousey masterfully sold Holm’s finisher, the realistic-looking Sweet Chin Music, allowing Holm to get completely “over” with the UFC crowd.

Having conquered Rousey’s legendary “streak,” it is likely Holm will be portrayed as an unstoppable monster, though she is is signed to a part-time contract so it’s unlikely that she’ll perform on non-televised UFC house shows.