Ronnie Garvin stomp
Rugged Ronnie Garvin (middle) performs in a cacophanous dance number in STOMP.

In a rare transition from professional wrestling to Broadway theater, “Rugged” Ronnie Garvin has joined the cast of the popular rhythmic extravaganza STOMP.

“Ronnie’s a natural,” said STOMP director Sergio Pantone. “He’s got everything we look for in a STOMP cast member — particularly the ability to stomp about.”

Garvin honed his stomping skills in the professional wrestling ring, dramatically pounding his foot into various parts of a fallen opponent’s body.

“That’s where I developed my timing, my agility and my overall aptitude for precise stompage,” Garvin told Kayfabe News. “This new role is a bit of an adjustment, though, since I’m not actually stomping on anyone.”

Garvin’s Broadway debut has apparently inspired other wrestlers to try their hand at live theater. Jerry Lawler is reportedly interested in starring in a Broadway remount of The King and I, and Heath Slater is slated to play the lead in an upcoming production of Annie.