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Turns out Roman Reigns doesn’t need any help looking strong.

Although professional sports-entertainer Roman Reigns has long been the target of jokes that all his opponents are required to “make Roman look strong,” Reigns proved this week that he doesn’t need anyone’s help to look very strong indeed.

Thousands of young men in the so-called Internet Wrestling Community (IWC) spent last night deleting every “Make Roman look strong” meme they had ever posted in online forums, having realized that the Big Dog is battling — and is determined to defeat — an opponent far greater than The Undertaker or Braun Strowman.

The “Make Roman look strong” gag emerged from a 2014 podcast interview with CM Punk during which, in retrospect, Punk looked not terribly strong, and makes Roman seem even stronger given that he has battled leukemia in relative silence for 11 years.

“I will kick leukemia’s ass,” vowed Reigns, thereby making himself look strong — indeed, being strong — in a fight much more important than some televised spandex ballet in a ring.

Given the difficult struggle Reigns now faces, and the strength with which he seems poised to overcome it, we propose a new slogan for the Internet Wrestling Community to rally behind: “Help Roman Stay Strong.”

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