Seth Rollins cash-in
Seth Rollins is opting for the more feasible goal of attaining the Divas Championship.

After an ill-fated attempt to cash in his “Money in the Bank” title shot against WWE champ Brock Lesnar, professional wrestler Seth Rollins has set his sights on a much more realistic target: the WWE Divas Championship.

“I mean, who am I kidding?” Rollins rhetorically mused at a press conference this morning. “Me beating Lesnar? Not gonna happen.”

Going after the Divas Championship is, Rollins insists, “is much more feasible.”

Covetously clutching a yellow metal briefcase, Rollins added: “I’m pretty sure I can beat (current Divas Champion) AJ (Lee). I outweigh her by, like, at least 20 pounds.”

Rollins made his doomed cash-in attempt at Sunday’s Night of Champions pay-per-view, interfering in the much-hyped rematch between Lesnar and John Cena, thus ruining the match and making for a convoluted, unsatisfying end to the event (as is to be expected by WWE’s lower-tier pay-per-views).

“Sorry about that,” Rollins later wrote to fans on Twitter. “I got cocky. My bad. #FML”

Because the bell never rang to officially start his wrongheaded challenge to Lesnar, Rollins retains his Money in the Bank briefcase and its accompanying title-shot privileges.

To ensure he is eligible to become Divas Champion, Rollins has begun estrogen treatments, and is already starting to look alarmingly similar to Chyna circa 1999.