Curb stomp banned
Rollins delivers the Raised Concrete Ledge Stamp.

Barely a week after news leaked that he would discontinue use of his dreaded Curb Stomp maneuver, WWE Champion Seth Rollins unveiled a devastating new finisher called the Raised Concrete Ledge Stamp.

At a non-televised WWE event (or “house show”) in Des Moines yesterday, Rollins delivered the new move to Heath Slater, driving the red-haired rocker’s skull into the mat with the sole of Rollins’ boot.

Some fans in attendance pointed out that the maneuver bears some striking resemblances to the Curb Stomp, but Rollins insisted in a post-match interview that two maneuvers are “could not be more different.”

“For starters, I use my left boot to deliver the Raised Concrete Ledge Stamp, not my right,” Rollins told longtime Pro Wrestling Illustrated columnist Matt Brock.

While many fans and pundits believe the ever-duplicitous Rollins is merely repackaging the Curb Stomp with a new name — a lie befitting the dastardly villain — Rollins himself vehemently denies such accusations.

“To the untrained eye of a stupid fan, it might look like a Curb Stomp,” he said.

“But it’s actually an ingenious hybrid of the Road Lip Trample, which I learned in Japan, and the Mexican Sidewalk Edge Foot-Clobber. No more questions.”