The Rock concert
The Rock demonstrates that he has had two guitar lessons and no vocal lessons.

As their weekly war of words continued on WWE Raw last night, The Rock demonstrated that his singing ability is only barely better than John Cena’s, who wisely chose to not sing at all.

During an interminably long final segment, the Rock strummed several chords on an acoustic guitar while warbling off-key lyrics about Cena’s sexual orientation, Cena’s mother and other elementary school taunts.

It was The Rock’s response to Cena’s “freestyle” rap diatribe, which kicked off Raw with similar juvenile name-calling and dick jokes.

Neither man’s performance could justifiably be described as “music.”

Raw went off the air with The Rock leading the Cleveland audience in a mangled sing-along of “We Will Rock You,” during which Freddie Mercury rolled and rolled in his grave.