RVD marijuana
For reasons unknown, Rob Van Dam recently made a bulk purchase of redness-reducing eyedrops.

Just hours before his scheduled return to World Wrestling Entertainment, Rob Van Dam stopped at a Philadelphia pharmacy and, for reasons unknown, bought bulk quantities of Visine.

“He bought two-dozen bottles of the stuff,” a pharmacy employee later remarked.

“Man, he must have really bad allergies or something.”

Van Dam, who has not competed in a WWE ring since 2007, has no known medical condition that would require such quantities of the potassium chloride eyedrops, which diminish the appearance of red, bloodshot eyes.

Van Dam also purchased large quantities of Febreze, and was later seen spraying the deodorizing mist onto his wrestling attire, his luggage and the interior of his rental car.

Perhaps most strangely, though, Van Dam was seen earlier today asking several clean-cut churchgoers if they could provide him with a urine sample.