cena wins we riot
Riot police in Miami are ready for the moment John Cena kicks out at two.

The Miami Police Department has ordered all its riot police to be on duty October 27 — the night WWE hosts its Hell in a Cell pay-per-view at the American Airlines Arena — in the event of a John Cena victory.

“We have received several anonymous warnings stating that ‘If Cena Wins, We Riot,'” explained Police Chief Larry McCormick.

“We don’t know who these ‘we’ people are, but they sound serious,” he added. “We’re not taking any chances, because Cena almost always wins.”

Cena has been away from the ring for months to recover from a torn triceps, but wrestling pundits expect he’ll have no difficulty defeating rival Alberto Del Rio upon his return.

Riot police have been instructed to be ready with tear gas and rubber bullets for the inevitable moment that Cena kicks out from Del Rio’s finisher at two.


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