After countless nights sitting prominently in the front row at World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) events, the so-called “Ringside Regulars” have finally landed on the roster, having signed “legends” contracts with the company.

A WWE press release said “the Ringside Regulars have appeared on literally thousands of hours of WWE programming, so we are pleased to welcome them as official brand ambassadors, quite frankly.”

The new legends-contract signees:

  • Superfan Smilez (a.k.a. Green Shirt Guy)
  • Brock Lesnar Guy
  • Long-haired Simon (a.k.a. Peter Steele Guy)
  • Simon’s mom (?)
  • Frank the Clown

Now that they are officially under contract, the Ringside Regulars intend to become Backstage Buddies, which will free up their ringside seats so somebody else can have them for a goddamn change.


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