flair elbows jacket
Ric Flair wears the suit that he vows to defeat at WrestleMania.

Legendary professional wrestler Ric Flair will reportedly return to in-ring action this April to square off against a longtime rival, his own suit.

Flair, who has attacked his suit on numerous occasions, says the WrestleMania 29 showdown will finally settle his long feud with expensive formalwear.

The suit, which has declined to comment publicly on the matter, is a tan Armani three-piece with a double-breasted jacket, pleated trousers and black Gucci shoes.

The origins of Flair’s hatred for the suit are unclear, though he first sneak-attacked the suit during his last WCW tenure.

Flair has since elbow-dropped his suit jacket on numerous occasions, adding fuel to the fire.

Due to Flair’s age, most analysts believe the suit will easily win the WrestleMania match.