Ric Flair money
Ric Flair says his latest money-making scheme is “on par with TNA.”

Financially beleaguered wrestling legend Ric Flair has launched a new money-making campaign at a North Carolina intersection called “Will Woo for Food.”

Flair, who made millions of dollars as a champion wrestler but squandered it all on a lavish lifestyle and alimony payments, will perform his trademark “woo” holler for a sandwich, a handful of nuts, or any other kind of life-giving sustenance.

Although Flair continues to earn generous royalties from his wrestling career, every penny is now syphoned into legal and marital debts.

Flair also inexplicably continues to spend thousands of dollars annually on lavish sequined robes, even though he is effectively retired from the ring.

Flair launched his new moneymaking scheme yesterday by scrawling the words “Will Woo for Food” on the back of a flattened pizza box, and sitting for hours in front of a Charlotte coffee shop.

By the end of the day, he had wooed 62 times, earning $7.27 in loose change, along with assorted baked goods and a half-eaten hot dog.

The earnings were, Flair said, “on par with TNA.”