Flair with gum
Ric Flair (real name Dick Flurn) says that, with WooChew, he no longer suffers from the dreaded “Flair flop.”

Legendary professional wrestler Ric Flair, who recently re-retired again (again), has launched a new business venture as the spokesman a male-enhancement gum called WooChew. 

At a press conference in Charlotte this morning, Flair, 87, told reporters that WooChew has helped him “reopen Space Mountain.”

The gum — which contains aspartame, artificial raspberry flavoring, and one drop of Flair’s perspiration in every pack — promises to “help you do a full broadway every night, twice on Saturdee, twice on Sundee,” Flair said.

Flair’s voracious appetite for sexual exploits is well known by fans, pundits and bewildered flight attendants everywhere, but he said WooChew has helped re-bring him out of sexual retirement again (again). 

WooChew is banned in 43 countries and may cause impotence.



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