Kane suit authority
Ric Flair (inset) has challenged Kane’s suit jacket to a grudge match.

Legendary professional wrestler Ric “Nature Boy” Flair has vowed he will come out of retirement to face one of his most daunting foes ever — the oversized suit jacket belonging to Kane.

Flair has had a longstanding rivalry with suit jackets, particularly his own, and has repeatedly attacked the formalwear garments with vicious elbow-drops.

It is unclear why, exactly, Flair has developed such a love-hate relationship with formalwear, because he is frequently seen wearing expensive jackets before attacking them.

Kane, on the other hand, has only recently begun wearing sportcoats to the ring, after many years of wearing sleeveless, flame-patterned spandex and a repugnant-smelling mask.

Having recently joined forces with the WWE corporate entity The Authority, Kane as abandoned his old Spandex wardrobe in favor of business attire, sparking Flair’s ire.

Flair hopes to face Kane’s jacket at WrestleMania 30, though the jacket has not yet issued a reply.