Mysterio eye
Reymond “Rey” Mysterio suffers an unfortunate deocculation.

Popular professional wrestler Rey Mysterio, whose right eye was plucked out by nemesis Seth Rollins last year, suffered another unfortunate setback today when his replacement glass eyeball popped out in the middle of a match. 

Mysterio and his adopted son, Dominick Guerrero, were competing as a tag team against Bobby Roode and Dolph Ziggler when the luchador’s glass eye dropped from its socket during a moonsault. 

Remarkably, the accident worked to Mysterio’s favour, as Ziggler accidentally stepped on the eyeball and suffered a nasty fall, allowing Dominick to nail a splash from the top rope. 

The glass eye, however, got knocked out the ring during the melee, rolled across the floor of the ThunderDome floor and got crushed under a camera crane. Thankfully, a quick-thinking WWE medic was waiting backstage with a ping pong ball. 

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