Kliq reunion
The Kliq got a great meal and a seniors’ discount at Denny’s today.

Having recently reunited to film a WWE Network special, the Kliq — a notorious wrestling faction of backstage power-players — announced today that they are “taking over” the seniors’ early-bird buffet at a Stamford-area Denny’s.

“We’re back, and we are taking over this whole place,” said Shawn Michaels to the deaf indifference of a half-dozen geriatric customers.

“Look at the adjective,” added Kevin Nash, looming over a tub of Thousand Island dressing: “Over.”

The Kliq — Michaels, Nash, Triple H, Scott Hall and Sean “X-Pac Syxx Syven Tupac” Waltman — ran roughshod over the wrestling business during the so-called Monday Night Wars, proving that bullies do indeed get ahead in life.

Their penchant for “taking over” is less domineering these days, however. Aside from a minor altercation during which Scott Hall demanded more free toothpicks, the group enjoyed a quiet, easy-to-chew meal, and got home in time for Jeopardy.