replica wrestling
Higgins (front, smug) saunters around like he’s pretty hot shit.

Thanks to the $400 replica of a WWE championship belt slung over his shoulder, 26-year-old wrestling fan Todd Higgins spent the afternoon moseying around the Squared Circle Heroes Convention with an emotional state somewhat resembling self-esteem.

Every few moments, Higgins patted the faux-gold faceplate of the belt, as if proud that he had won the trophy in a sports-entertainment bout, rather than having purchased it from eBay with every last penny of the wage he makes at his uncle’s grease recycling plant.

Higgins, who normally skulks about with his shoulders slouched and head hung low, basked in every envious glance he received from fellow wrestling fans, and frequently referred to the replica belt as “my strap.”

In momentary burst of something approximating self-confidence, Higgins nearly worked up the courage to strike up a conversation with former WWE Diva Sunny when he spotted her autograph table, but even the replica belt could not impart that much swagger.

Instead, Higgins took a selfie holding the belt and posted it on Twitter with the caption “Da champ,” which mildly amused several of his 17 followers.


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