Summerslam Orton Bryan
Randy Orton has returned the WWE Championship to Daniel Bryan out of compassion.

Overcome by a nagging conscience, Randy Orton has returned the WWE Championship to Daniel Bryan, admitting that he obtained the title through unfair tactics.

“It wasn’t a fair victory,” admitted Orton, who cashed-in his Money in the Bank contract to defeat Bryan at SummerSlam after the newly crowned champion was sneak-attacked by special referee Triple-H.

“I realize now that my behavior was very unsportsmanlike.”

Shortly after the pay-per-view went off the air, Orton returned the championship belt to Bryan, who was sobbing uncontrollably in the locker room.

“He just looked so sad,” said Orton. “I couldn’t stand to see the little guy like that.”

Having just achieved his lifelong dream of winning the WWE Championship, Bryan was devastated when he was betrayed by Triple-H and quickly defeated by Orton.

According to backstage sources, Orton approached Bryan, apologized, and asked him if he would like his championship back.

Bryan, wiping away tears, simply replied “yes.”

WWE is expected to discontinue the “Money in the Bank” tradition, because the concept seems to encourage opportunistic backstabbing.