Although ECW (Eastern eCstream Wrestling) was perhaps best known for its wild bloodbaths, one former ECW star is best remembered for not just wearing a proverbial crimson mask, but also embodying the playful hue of blue. 

The Blue Meanie (real name Bloom Einey) bore an unmistakable visage in his ECW heyday, with blue hair and racroon-like blackened eyes (a character reportedly inspired by The Beatles’ song “Grab Them Cakes”). Check out this picture of The Blue Meanie “back in the day,” as they say:

blue meanie


Think he probably looks pretty much the same nowadays? 

Think again!

This former dancing goofball of the squared circle has changed a LOT over the years. 

Check out this recent picture of him, taken just days ago:

blue meanie

WOW, right? 

Alas, what a grim toll Father Time can reap on even the most youthful among us.

Can you see all the differences? Just a few: 

  • His once-cornflower-blue hair has faded to a mere aquamarine-blue
  • He seems to now occupy a black-and-white world in which only blue appears as a distinct colour, whereas the world had 24 distinct colours during his ECW heyday
  • His lips no longer pucker with their former vicelike vigor, perhaps suggesting a painful case of Benign Wrestlers’ Oralitis (BWO)
  • He no longer appears to have a bellybutton. Did he ever? Wait, is he even human? What is a Blue Meanie supposed to be, anyway? 
  • If you count the grey hairs just under his lower lip, it appears he is has aged significantly. One expert estimated the Blue Meanie’s current age as “somewhere between 27 and 92.”

It’s tough to see these old-timers who look nothing like the adonises they one were. Here’s hoping The Blue Meanie can pull himself together — we’d like to see a glimmer of the old Meanie next time some photos emerge online. 


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