bad worker
Tyler McCutcheon, who hasn’t left his apartment in three weeks and has a bank balance of $7.41, thinks Roman Reigns needs to “up his game.”

Professional wrestler Roman Reigns “has a sub-par workrate,” according to 31-year-old Tyler McCutcheon, a former line-cook at a Tampa-area Denny’s restaurant.

“Reigns needs to up his game if he wants to grab the brass ring in the Fed,” said McCutcheon, who has been “between jobs” ever since he was dismissed from Denny’s last October for absenteeism.

McCutcheon says he is just days away from launching a wrestling podcast called Workin’ Stiff, although he has been “days away”┬ásince mid-2013, and he evidently fails to see the irony in the name.

He even signed up at a local wrestling school last year, hoping to get trained in the profession he loves to critique, but stopped attending classes after the first session of hindu squats.

He is an occasional writer for, where he recently critiqued WWE’s writing team for being “lazy and borderline illiterite (sic).”