reigns punch
Roman Reigns delivers his Superperson Punch to a Russian conspirator who rigged the American election.

After receiving a stern “cease and desist” letter from DC Comics, creators of Superman and other comic book heroes, professional wrestler Roman Reigns has renamed his signature flying fist the “Superperson Punch.”

According to leaked paperwork, lawyers from DC Comics deemed maneuver to be “blatant copyright infringement,” which “diminishes the proud legacy of the real Superman, who is quite upset about this matter.”

The lawyers’ letter continues: “We feel it would be OK if someone awesome, like Samoa Joe, did the Superman Punch, but we just can’t get into Reigns, you know?”

Sources within WWE reveal that a number of substitute names were considered, including:

  • The Wonder Woman Smack
  • Sufferin’ Suckerpunch
  • The Look Strong Punch
  • The Nonspecific Superhero Flying Right Hook
  • The Unwarranted Push
  • The Roamin’ Reigns

WWE decided to go with the Superperson Punch because it is gender-neutral, which is in keeping with WWE’s long history of always being politically correct, inclusive, and inoffensive.


[Thanks to WL Lim for the idea]