roman reigns s.h.i.t.Currently recuperating after a vicious and implausible attack by Braun Strowman, professional wrestler Roman Reigns is expected to return to WWE as a masked do-gooder named Super Hero In Training (S.H.I.T. Version 2.0). 

According to backstage sources, Reigns will team-up with real-life brother Rosey (the original S.H.I.T.) and Hurricane Helms to form a crime-fighting trio who will feud with The New Day through 2021.  

From his hospital room, where he is recovering from gurney-chafe, Reigns cryptically hinted at the new gimmick on Twitter today, tweeting: “I’m not a good guy, I’m not a bad guy — I’m a super guy!”

WWE has been hinting at the new gimmick for quite some time, from Reigns’ patented “Superman punch” to his bizarre superpower that allows him to repeatedly win matches against vastly superior opponents, such as The Undertaker and Heath Slater. 

Although some fans are likely to be pleasantly surprised by Reigns’ new gimmick, most believe Reigns has been S.H.I.T. all along. 




[Thanks to Tanner Littleton for the idea]