The meteoric rise of sports-entertainer Roman Reigns reached new heights today as World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) announced him as the first 2017 inductee into the company’s vaunted Hall of Fame.

The universally beloved superstar will cement his eternal legacy as “The Guy (Neither Good nor Bad)” during the glitzy ceremony next April, where he is expected to be inducted by none other than WWE mogul Vince McMahon.

While the news is being celebrated by Reigns’ legions of adoring fans — particularly the demographic of males aged 18 to 34 — some naysayers insist the induction is premature, given Reigns’ relatively brief WWE tenure.

The small-but-vocal minority of dissenters say the Hall of Fame induction is yet another example of Reigns getting “pushed” too hard and too soon by WWE brass.

But such criticisms are “groundless,” according to one WWE spokesman. “Roman Reigns is the greatest, most accomplished WWE Superstar in the history this business,” said the spokesman, who identified himself only as P. Levesque.


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