roman title defenceDespite making repeated admonitions of Brock Lesnar for being a “part-timer” during his time as WWE Universal Champion, Roman Reigns shockingly announced today that, having finally captured the title himself, he too will only defend it on a quarterly basis.

Reigns tweeted this morning that, from now on, he will only defend his championship at “the big four pay-per-views” — WrestleMania, Royal Rumble, Survivor Series and In Your House 27: xXxTreme Consequences — and possibly at some Saudi Arabian event if a nine-figure payday is guaranteed.

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“I defended it once already on Raw and it was really hard — no fun at all,” Reigns tweeted.

Added Reigns: “Big dog, my yard, b’lee dat, and so forth. #ScrewYall.”

Fans worldwide are labeling Reigns a hypocrite for so vociferously criticizing Lesnar’s infrequent performance schedule, only to adopt a similar schedule himself, although most fans also concede that they’re OK with only seeing Reigns on TV on rare occasions.

Sources close to Reigns say he is adopting the lighter schedule in order to train for a career in the relaunched XFL, which is scheduled to return in mid-2020 and get cancelled in late-2020.

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