WWE referees
Shockingly, a WWE superstar and a referee have disagreed over the duration of a pin.

Fans of professional wrestling are in a state of confusion after a disagreement between a WWE superstar and the officiating referee has left the outcome of a match in question.

Although referee Chad Patton insists he only counted to two during a pin attempt, irate Irishman Sheamus vehemently asserts that opponent Fandango’s shoulders were against the mat for a full count of three.

“That was three!” hollered Sheamus, angrily clapping his hands together three times to illustrate his assertion.

Sheamus then became visibly agitated when Patton shook his head in disagreement, slapped his own hands together twice, and held up two fingers in front of Sheamus’ face to indicate what he believes was the accurate duration of the pin.

The redheaded Celt rebutted again, again slapping his hands thrice — even more quickly and intensely this time — before throwing his arms into the air and kicking a bottom turnbuckle in abject frustration.

Sheamus and the referee were both so firm in their convictions — so animated in their re-enactments of the count — that even fans sitting in the very back row of a 16,000-seat hockey arena understood the points of contention.

The disagreement sent shockwaves of concern through the WWE Universe, as such disagreements between typically even-keeled sports-entertainers and infallible referees are practically unprecedented.

“I’ve never seen anything like this,” commented one dumbstruck fan. “This is more confusing than the time referee  Scott Armstrong failed notice that a wrestler’s foot was on the bottom rope during a pin.”