Sin Cara waits outside an arena, having accidentally shown up for work.

Just one day after World Wrestling Entertainment’s recent termination of Sin Cara, the accident-prone luchador accidentally showed up for a WWE live event.

“Ay, dios mio!” proclaimed the embarrassed Cara, who inadvertently arrived at a Chicago arena while attempting to find O’Hare Airport.

Cara, who was wearing his trademark mask inside-out, then accidentally backed his rental car into a fire hydrant and painfully bit his own lip.

He waited in vain outside the stage door of the arena until security guards escorted him off the property, during which he tripped on a curb and dislocated his ankle.

The Mexican high-flier arrived in WWE amid much fanfare in 2011, but quickly developed the unflattering reputation of being prone to flubbed maneuvers, or “botches.”

WWE had hoped the botches would end when the company released him from his contract and wished him “all the best, on his future endeavors,” but company officials were reportedly exasperated when he still arrived for work.

In a follow-up press release issued today, the company wished “Sin Cara all best in his future botches.”

The Sin Cara character will continue to be portrayed in WWE by Hunico, El Torito and, in a pinch, The Great Khali.

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