The biggest yet-unanswered question ahead of this weekend’s WrestleMania spectacular is whether The Undertaker will square off against John Cena, but a recent photo of the Phenom leaked online seems to suggest a return to the ring might be unlikely.

If you’re avoiding WrestleMania spoilers, we suggested you stop reading now, because you may not want to see what the Undertaker looks like nowadays.

But if you are seeking a sneak peek at the Deadman before Sunday, just keep in mind that none of us is exempt from the inexorable march of time and the vicissitudes of aging.

Keep in mind that the authenticity of this picture has not been independently verified, but our team of photographic experts believe it is genuine for a number of reasons:

  • The Undertaker is wearing a wide-brimmed hat, only slightly different than his usual one
  • The staff he is carrying is topped with an urn bearing the authentic Undertaker logo
  • He is wearing a cloak very similar to those typically worn by his Druids
  • John Cena is nowhere to be seen, which makes sense

The Undertaker himself has neither confirmed the veracity of the photo, instead issuing a cryptic statement: “John Cena, you shall not pass!”






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