Ryback Payback
Ryback readily repaid Payback backpay.

A recently released report reveals wrestler Ryback repaid redundant remuneration after being rebuked for taking backpay for the Payback pay-per-view.

Ryback backpedaled after being persistently pestered by WWE payroll personnel regarding repayment of backdated paychecks for Payback, positing paperwork problems tracked back to Ryback’s Mac.

Ryback’s problematic Payback payday was partly predicated on precedent — Cactus Jack and the Blackjacks procured backpay back in the day — but the backlash over Ryback’s Payback payment was not based on pay-grade, but on backlogged vacation compensation.

Regardless,┬áRyback’s repayment of the Payback backpay┬áreveals the wrestler to be reliable and reputable amid a backstage brimming with backstabbing and backroom blackballing.

After Ryback paid back payroll, he proffered a prompt apology, thereby belying his badge as a brutish bully and failing to even feign kayfabe.

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