If you’re trying to avoid spoilers from Monday Night Raw, you’d better stop reading now because we’re about to reveal which tough-as-nails French-Canadian “prizefighter” won the WWE Universal Championship!

You’ll never guess!

Was it Jacques Rougeau? Guess again!

Jos LeDuc? Nuh-uh!

Dru Onyx? Way off.

Dino Bravo? No, silly.

Pat Patterson? At his age? Come on.

Franky the Mobster? Not even close.

Gino Brito? Fat chance.

Player Uno? As if.

Rene Goulet? Think again!

Sylvain Grenier? Pfft.

SeXXXy Eddy? We wish!

Maurice Vachon? Not likely.

Ivan Koloff? Nah, he’s billed from Russia.

Carl Oullet? Try again!

Eduard Carpentier? Not possible, but that would be pretty rad.

Rick Martel? Somewhat plausible, but no.

Ray Rougeau? Nope.

One of the Garvins? Neither.

Sky Lo Lo? Seriously, a midget?

Curly Moe? Surprised you even know that one.

Paul Vachon? Not even close.

Billy Two Rivers? You’re grasping now.


Give up?

It was Sami Zayn!

Well deserved, too.


zayn wins universal