randy orton cardboard
WWE has replaced Randy Orton with a much cheaper cardboard cutout, though the majority of fans have not noticed.

As a cost-cutting measure, World Wrestling Entertainment recently released Randy Orton and replaced him with a with a life-size lookalike cardboard cutout, though fans are not expected to notice a difference.

The cardboard cutout cost WWE only a tiny fraction of Orton’s seven-figure salary, but features many of his trademark attributes: the serpentine expression, the icy stare, the general lack of movement or charisma, and so on.

Although the cutout is incapable of performing Orton’s “RKO outta nowhere,” WWE video editors will splice existing footage of the maneuver into broadcasts whenever necessary.

The cardboard cutout has already appeared on several episodes of Smackdown without any complaints from fans.

In fact, a number of members of online wrestling forums have commented that Orton seems to have improved in recent weeks.