R-Truth (right) hopes to learn at least one language prior to his match against the multilingual Antonio Cesaro.

Determined not to be outdone by his multilingual opponent at this Sunday’s TLC pay-per-view, R-Truth is determined to learn at least one language — probably English.

R-Truth is reportedly intimidated by the linguistic skills of Antonio Cesaro, who frequently addresses the WWE Universe in five different languages.

In contrast to Cesaro, R-Truth has not yet learned to speak even one language, so he has decided he wants to learn English, at the very least.

Until now, R-Truth has communicated with fans — and an imaginary friend called Little Jimmy — through a pidgin language of English-like grunts and exaggerated gestures.

Most commonly, he utters a guttural “Wussup,” which is widely believed to be his attempt at saying “what’s up.”

Although R-Truth has been known to approach the ring while “rapping” a “song,” no one has ever been able to figure out what he is trying to communicate.