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The only real journalist left, Alex Jones, explains the true story behind the McMahon limo bombing.

A blockbuster exposé published today by respected InfoWars journalist Alex Jones has finally the TRUTH behind the 2007 limousine bombing — and the FAKE MAINSTREAM MEDIA refuses to acknowledge it because it doesn’t fit their OFFICIAL LIBTARD NARRATIVE.

“This is HUGE, people,” wrote Jones, who was recently banned from social media by the DUMBOCRAT ELITES who fear being exposed as REPTILIAN PEDOS and SMARKS.

“The McMahon limo bombing was a FALSE FLAG OPERATION designed to draw attention away from the REAL story: the SHADOWY DEEP LEADERSHIP that would soon take over Raw as its Anonymous General Manager in 2012.”

Jones claims to have received encrypted messages from an anonymous source deep within the McMahon Administration — identified only as J. Lauranitis — outlining a mind-control plot to turn uneducated people into chanting, sign-toting zombies.

“This will change EVERYTHING,” Jones wrote, citing pieces of evidence linking the McMahon limo bombing to a nefarious SATANIC AGENDA perpetrated by the Illuminati, The Freemasons, and The Freebirds.

Other “breadcrumbs” of evidence leaked on the Squared Circle 4chan forum by a user named JohnnyAce_69LOL — believed to be the same individual cited by Jones — include:

  • Footage of Paul London grinning before the limo explosion, suggesting he was deeply involved
  • If you invert and rearrange the WWE logo, it forms a pair of Illuminati triangles
  • A rhyming quatrain — believed to be a doomsday prophesy — written by a seer named “L. Poffo”
  • A heavily redacted document linking WWE Hall of Famer Donald Trump to a Russian agent named N. Volkoff prior to his WrestleMania “victory” over Vince McMahon in 2009
  • If you rearrange the letters in “SPORTS ENTERTAINMENT,” you get “OMNIPRESENT NET START,” which clearly implies an all-seeing eye governing online information

Some skeptics dismiss these revelations as the paranoid ramblings of conspiracy theorists, but they are the same closed-minded sheeple who actually believe the Twin Towers were toppled by Demolition.


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