Putin rusev
Vladimir Putin loves John Cena’s can-do attitude. 

Russian President Vladimir Putin, frequently cited as a staunch supporter of Bulgarian-turned-Russian professional wrestler Rusev, admitted today that he’s “more of a John Cena guy.”

“I like Cena’s ‘Never Give Up’ attitude,” Putin said through an interpreter during a Kremlin press conference this morning.

“I try to live my life the same way: Hustle, Loyalski, Respecknost.”

Putin, a former KGB officer now serving his third term as leader of the largest country in the world, shocked political pundits with the admission, especially given Cena’s overt American patriotism and unwavering support of the US Armed Forces.

Putin’s confession seemed to be in direct contradiction to statements made by Lana, a severe blonde WWE manager with an almost-passable Russian accent, who insists that her client, Rusev, is Putin’s favorite.

Asked by reporters for his thoughts on Rusev, Putin replied succinctly: “He’s OK, but he’s no Nikita Koloff.”

Putin quickly changed the subject back to Cena and, in apparent contradiction to his controversial anti-gay policies, stated that “Cena is a hottie, too.”